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More Help is Needed to Protect the 1000 Islands - Email Your Comments to the Article 10 Siting Board TODAY

What does the 1000 Islands Region mean to you and your family? Do you treasure your piece of "Paradise on Earth" or your visits to the "Greatest Place in the World"?

The Article 10 Siting Board in Albany needs to know how you feel about allowing industrial wind developers to invade this area.  So far, 228 comments have been posted on their website regarding the wind project British Petroleum wants to site in Cape Vincent and Lyme. The people in Albany are listening and are aware the majority of comments support Protecting the 1000 Islands and do not want to see any destruction of the scenic landscape that has existed for thousands of years.

If you have not posted comments yet, the flyer below has the information explaining where to email them. You can post a page of thoughts, a paragraph or just a long sentence. It's important that your voice is heard TODAY! If you have already posted comments, please pass this along to your family and friends and encourage them to join the "Movement to Protect the 1000 Islands" TODAY!


Doctors Blow the Whistle on Wind Turbines

March 10, 2013

An impressive number of health practitioners, researchers and acousticians around the world are voicing their concern about the effects of wind turbines on people’s health.  The list was just published by the Waubra Foundation, the European Platform Against Windfarms (EPAW) and the North-American Platform Against Windpower (NA-PAW), the latter two representing over 600 associations of windfarm victims from 27 countries. These health professionals should be honored, assert the three NGOs:  it takes courage to uphold the rights of victims against the powerful coalition of vested interests which supports the wind industry.

In Australia, where the controversy is reaching new heights, a wind industry executive has been singling out Dr Sarah Laurie in a bid to make the public forget the many other health professionals who alert to the dangerous effects of wind turbines:  “. . . the largest public relations issue for the industry at the moment is the theory of an ex-doctor [“ex-doctor” is false—Ed.] that infrasound or low frequency noise from wind turbines is likely to make anyone within 10 km of a wind turbine sick.”

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Ten Ways to Kill Big Wind

March 8, 2013

How a Little Island Stopped a Huge Industrial Wind Project

Simulated View of Wind Turbines on Molokai

Simulated View of Wind Turbines on Molokai

Despite many victories, communities around the world are still facing a plague of industrial wind projects that like hideous War of the Worlds steel monsters are destroying communities, mountains, and wildlands, slaughtering birds and bats, sickening people and driving them from their homes. Even though these wind projects do not reduce greenhouse gases or fossil fuel use, they have dreadful environmental, social and economic impacts on whole regions. But they are a tool for energy companies and investment banks to make billions in taxpayer subsidies that get added to our national debt.

The good news is that communities worldwide are learning how to defeat these dreadful projects. More and more laws and moratoriums are being passed against them, while other projects are defeated on legal grounds or by overwhelming public opposition. In Hawaii, an industrial wind project that would have constructed ninety 42-story turbine towers across seventeen square miles of Molokai has been defeated by a determined two-year effort of the island’s residents. In the process we learned many tactics, which I’ve tried to summarize below and are further described in Saving Paradise:

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1,000 Islands Region Seeks Scenic Designation

MARCH 10, 2013

HAMMOND — Hammond is looking to put the Thousand Island Islands-St. Lawrence River region on the map as a top scenic area in the state. Town Supervisor Ronald W. Bertram and a committee will work with multiple towns and villages inland and along the river to designate the region as a Scenic Area of Statewide Significance. The designation, through the state Department of State’s Office of Communities and Waterfronts, offers protection to scenic landscapes through review of projects requiring state or federal action, including direct actions, permits or funding.

“It wouldn’t be like the Adirondack Park Agency; there will be no regulations,” Mr. Bertram said. “However, it will require the state to do some type of project to promote and protect the area.” Mr. Bertram said he became interested in applying for the designation after several residents suggested it to “give us more name recognition and bring in tourism.”
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Court Tells DEP to Lower Nighttime Noise Levels on Saddleback Wind Farm

March 05, 2013,

PORTLAND, Maine — The Maine Supreme Judicial Court on Tuesday vacated a decision by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection over nighttime sound requirements for the Saddleback Ridge Wind Project in Carthage, Canton and Dixfield.

The court unanimously agreed with the groups’ appeal of a ruling by the Board of Environmental Protection that backed the DEP’s decision that the nighttime noise level for the windmills should be at or below 45 decibels. Writing for the court, Justice Warren Silver said the nighttime decibel level should be 42 or below.


Wind Industry is Still Clinging Onto Tax Credit

March 5, 2013
Wind power machines are pictured. | AP Photo

The fiscal cliff deal revived the wind-production tax credit on New Year’s Day just hours after it legally expired.        (AP Photo)

Two months after Congress rescued it, the wind industry’s crucial tax credit is back on the countdown to extinction. The fiscal cliff deal revived the wind-production tax credit on New Year’s Day just hours after it legally expired. Industry leaders say the extension saved thousands of jobs and will support the installation of thousands of megawatts of power this year.

But the credit is due to expire again Dec. 31, and opponents are just as eager as before to see it die. The industry wants a long-term extension, but that has near zero odds with the Capitol consumed with talk of budget pain


Public Health Disaster Rolling Across Massachusetts

Often we hear that only one turbine in Massachusetts is causing a problem http://bit.ly/Xi5iqn


Everpower Legal Claim Dismissed by Judge

March 2, 2013

ALLEGANY — Officials reported on Friday that Cattaraugus County Supreme Court Judge Michael Nenno dismissed a lawsuit in its entirety that had been filed by EverPower Wind LLC. against the Town of Allegany Planning Board.

Commenting on the lawsuit, John Hare, Allegany town supervisor, said the town’s attorneys had confirmed that they had received by mail on Friday the court’s decision concerning the lawsuit brought by EverPower against the town planning board. “The court ruled in favor of the (planning board) on all issues brought forth in EverPower’s suit,” Mr. Hare said. “Our attorneys are still evaluating the full text of the judge’s decision. The town will not have any other comments on that decision until our attorneys have finished their review.”

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